The unbroken one is overcast and rainy  I liked the fine day most in the past
Look forward to staying silently in front of a certain window
Listen to the scattered patter of rain
For such a hope  Begin to like the rainy day

Corner of the stair  Then small a corner
I still thought among the straggly building  It is misty Great Britain in the film
But only one turns round
Can see the bright and on glass door

It is still in girl on it is loved in at write at windowpane of fog
It was the lover's name that was written down  Concealed dream
So long as one turns round
Think that can see  Kiss-me in the full hillside

So green and green and Nuo is sent
Why can not be together
He is like a lot of proud teenagers
Admiring the head  But the camel carries

Then miss  Brush past

All sorts of is not willing
What feel is stared at after knowing after returning one finally
But not willing to smile first really
Weather in April  The plum rains are detested  Miss
My singing white in song of thinking
The will that should be still given and roamed leisurely on the ship of Jianhe River is rubed with the emblem emblem
The young will is rubed with the emblem emblem

She is very fine  Let an early poet who dies adore
But I miss Mr. Jin even more
That piece face upward Mr. of head too
Say, it is the birthday of emblem sound today

Season when the lilac is in bloom  Whose birthday and has reached
Son Qin  What is the sky of Qinghai
That place that is liked and hated by persons
Mine is drizzly  Where will the love go

I hate Li Ran too  I hate him
Entangled with originally  Really twist the feeling of the clothes
I love the bad weather bad weather
But the plot in the collection of dramas will never take place

Let me here in the office
Settle down to fall asleep
City after the rain
Lonely and extremely awkward

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